Dayna Elefant is one of the most creative thinkers and artists I know.

—Peter Copeland: Editor and General Manager, E.W. Scripps Company, Scripps Media Center

Dayna possesses more creativity and ingenuity than any illustrator and designer I have worked with.

—Steve Conley: Art Director, TIME Magazine

Dayna is one of the most talented illustrators I have ever worked with.
If you look at her work you will get to know her.

—Mordechai Friedman, Art Director, Intergovernmental Philatellic Corporation

Dayna comes with a can-do attitude, a positive vibe and always exceeds client expectations. She is very solution oriented with a phenomenal portfolio in illustration and design. 

Dayna’s artwork quickly becomes an integral part of her design materials. She would be a great asset to any company.
—Ash Kara, Senior Director, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Dayna's work reflects an impactful, unique and creative approach. She possesses the innate ability to see a concept and then formalize it into award-winning illustrations and designs. 

Dayna is to brand management what Christian Dior’s legacy brought to the world of fashion. Her art and designs modernized how members view ASAE University Online. Her attention to detail is precise and exact. I appreciate that Dayna will take the time to teach the concepts of visual problem solving. Working with Dayna is a win-win for client, customer and the brand!
—Tammy Blosil, Vice President of Online Learning, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership

Dayna's easy-going high vibe and high-end creative made working with her an awesome experience, and her work ethic was amazing. 

Dayna completely saved the day time and again with her can-do attitude, excellent design artistic skills and amazing creativity. She took the lead on projects and kept up with a high volume of work, never sacrificing creative to get the job done. I highly recommend Dayna, and would love to work with her again on any project.  
—Penny Purcell, Manager: Smithsonian Museum

It is rare to find an illustrator as interested in deeply understanding the essence of the project to generate results, as we saw with Dayna.

With a perfect blend of true art, design, and brand identification, Dayna produces exquisite, top-quality collateral for Ladies America. While keeping true professionalism at the forefront, Dayna brought her years of experience to bear while including a child like Spirit and excitement to the project.
—Founder, Ladies America

Dayna’s watercolor and designs are fabulous, edgy and alive with energy!

The look and feel is always forward thinking, conceptual and beautiful! I know she pours a lot of thought, sweat and watercolors into her art, and that was valued!
—Katie Test, Communications Specialist, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Wow, just wow. Dayna’s branding, identity and illustration work for our company is AMAZING. 

She took our annual meeting campaign to the next level even beyond the greatness of her prior work for us. We are thankful for all her ARTISTIC TALENT, HARD WORK and PASSION and for what she does to bring a project of this scale to fruition. Her strategic creative work has made a valuable impact on the organization and our members.
—Rosario Ortiz-Davis, M.B.A., CAE, Director, Marketing: ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership

Dayna’s conceptual and artistic creations are first rate. Excellent, sophisticated work. Great execution. 

The artistic style and feel comes off personal to the reader, the material is clearly, and creatively presented with interesting visuals. 
—John Graham, President, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership

A true creative talent. Clean and sophisticated—wonderful…brutal simplicity that elegantly executes.

Excellent, unsurpassed artwork and work ethic! 
—Joey Butler, Founder and Principal, JB designs